A website that makes you proud

You know how important your website is for your business. Good thing that I  specialized in optimizing excactly that. I guide you every step of the way: Strategy, content, design and development - until launch and beyond.

A screenshot of a website I build for truckooA screenshot of a website I build for Agnes RicartA screenshot of a website I build for truckoo
A screenshot of a website I build for Agnes Ricart.A screenshot of a website I build for Drive Now/Share NowA screenshot of a website I build for truckoo.

But how do I do it?

Here’s an overview of what’s involved to get you your website.


First we get to know each other and clarify whether I am a good fit for you and your project.

15 minutes


In a workshop we find out what needs to be done. You know your business best. Who are your customers? What information do we have? At the end there are clear goals and a plan to make success measurable.

1-2 hours


The basis is careful research. Through user flows, the features that are relevant for your customers become clear. Together we see what content is still needed to communicate your products or services correctly. We then use wireframes to plan your entire website.

1-2 weeks

UI & Brand

It's finally getting pretty. We create pixel-perfect designs from the wireframes. We now think in terms of colour, icons, animations, video and find the right visual tone for your brand.

1-2 weeks


With Webflow, your finished website is created from the designs. For all screen sizes, SEO optimised and with integrated Webflow CMS - so all content can be easily changed by you.

2-3 weeks


Finally, you will learn how to adapt and expand all content yourself. You take control - child's play with Webflow.

1-2 hours

Let's talk then...

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